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Specialized Program

At YouthKicks Soccer, we offer campers a unique opportunity to learn and grow through the sport of soccer. Each day at camp is specifically designed to provide each camper with age-appropriate activities and challenges to promote soccer skill and life skill development. Our soccer camp offers unique programming that blends the excitement of soccer with essential life skills education. Not only will campers have an opportunity to improve their soccer skills but they will also learn valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, and perseverance. Join us this summer and experience the transformative power of soccer!

Soccer Programming

Comprehensive soccer programming designed to help children develop their individual and team soccer skills while gaining a better understanding of the game. Our coaching staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping every child reach their full potential. Campers will participate in a variety of skill-based drills, activities and scrimmages. Areas of focus include:

  • Passing

  • Shooting

  • Movement 

  • Technique 

  • Spacial Awareness

Life Skills 

Soccer has the power to teach important life skills that can be applied both on and off the field. At YouthKicks Soccer, individual growth is an integral part of our soccer camp experience. Our campers will learn the importance of collaboration, effective communication, leadership and perseverance while enjoying the beautiful game.


Life Skills Session: At YouthKicks Soccer, we believe in developing not just better soccer players, but better individuals. That's why our life skill sessions are a crucial part of our program. These sessions are incorporated throughout a typical week and are presented in fun and engaging activities and games. Each session focuses on one of the following crucial life skills: communication, collaboration, leadership, or perseverance. These sessions will provide your child with valuable tools to succeed both on and off the field.

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